Belize ParasailingFor visitors who want to venture beyond a tranquil Belize hotel or Belize resort during their stay, parasailing offers the chance to experience the Caribbean scenery in an adventurous and unique way. Parasailing is a very safe, very proven sport in which riders are attached to a parachute like canopy known as a parasail, which is attached to a speedboat using a long towrope. When the speedboat accelerates, the parasail gently rises into the air like a kite.

The parasail rises to 400 feet above the boat and gives riders a spectacular view of the Caribbean and Barrier Reef, Ambergris Caye’s white sand beaches and the quaint Belize hotels and Belize resorts on the shore. The ride can be as adventurous or as tame as the guest wants. For those wanting just a spectacular view, they are winched to and from the boat’s landing deck, never getting wet.

Belize Parasailing Belize Parasailing